Bhartiya Institute of Chiktsak Council (Alt)The BIOCC (Alt.) , New Delhi is dedicated to the Development of Classical and Modern Integrated / Alternative complementary medical system by Distance Learning or Classroom study internationally recognised teachers in all over India .

Alternative / Integrated / Complementary Medicine means any form of medicine that is outside of western medicines . There are more than 200 systems of Alternative / Integrated / Complementary medicine which are still in practice all over the world . Some of the very popular system are Indo - Allopath , Ayurveda , Acupuncture , Naturopathy & Yoga, Bio - Chemic, Beach Flower Therapy, Homeopathy, Gem Therapy, Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Electro Homeopathy, Magneto Therapy, Oriental Diagnosis & Therapy, Music Therapy, Etc. After decades of serious obsession with Modern Medicines and more and more people in general and patients in particular are opting for these traditional systems of maintaining health and curing diseases.

The course is designed for students at all levels of knowledge and experience in Alternative / Integrated / Complementary system of medicine including Homeopathy , Physicians , Osteopaths ,Dentists , Veterinarians , Nurses , Practitioners of other Holistic Therapies or other Health professionals , and applicants with a good general education with a commitment to Alternative / Integrated / Complementary medicine system. Courses of the BIOCC (Alt) New Delhi is only to develop / upgrade & enhance the skills of the society of the pupil. BHARTIYA INSTITUTE OF CHIKITSAK COUNCIL (Alt.) , New Delhi is equivalent to related Govt. Courses.

Certificates / Diploma / Degree / Post Graduate courses can be commenced at any time thought the year. Students of the BIOCC (Alt.), New Delhi earns more than a Diploma , Degree . P.G. they earn a Alternative / Integrated / Complementary medical system with a specific career focus. Generally for regular students session commence at JANUARY / JUNE of each year. For Correspondence students course commences Each 2nd day of month. BHARTIYA INSTITUTE OF CHIKITSAK COUNCIL (Alt.) , New Delhi is not recognised by MCI / NCI / PCI / ACI / HCI .All courses of BIOCC (Alt.) New Delhi is equivalent to related subjects / faculty / stream.

Following Courses are runned by BIOCC (ALT.) New Delhi :-

Regular & Correspondence Courses :-
Certificate / Diploma / Degree / Master Degree Courses :- Pathology (DMLT / BMLT / MMLT) , X-RAY Tech. / Radiography / ECG / O.T. Tech / Dresser / Compounder / First Aid / Medical Representative / Astrology / Palmist / Mental Retardnes / Rural Medical Practitionar RMP / Veternary Science & Animal Husbandary /CMS / Physiotherapy (DPT / BPT / MPT) / Hospital Administration Or Management / Yoga & Massage / Reiki Therapy , Herbal Science / BIO- CHEMIC - MBBS(Bio) / Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Science in Bio Chemic / Alternative Medicine MBBS(A) - Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Science in Alternative Medicine / M.D (Biochemic) / M.D (Alternative Medicine) / Naturopathy / Sanitation / Electro Cardiogram Technology , Aromatherapy , Optometrical Science / Accupuncture / Sanitary Inspector / Membership:- MIMS , MAMS , FIMS , FAMS etc more than 500 new courses are conducted.

Regular Courses Approved by MCI / NCI / PCI / ACI / HCI / UCI / from different recognised Indtitution :- Nursing - ANM, GNM, B.Sc Nursing , Diploma in Pharmacy , B. Pharma , M. Pharma , MBBS , BDS , BAMS , BHMS , BUMS , M.D, M.S (Guidance).

Note :- Students will have to do renewal his Certificate / Registration each year or can renew it for life time yearly renewal charges is Rs. 200, for life time Rs. 2000/-

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