coursesCreative Groups of Institutions New Delhi. principal objectives is to Endeavour through education, training, research, development, extension and consultancy to play a positive role in the integrated development of well-qualified professional manpower at all levels.

Creative Groups of Institutions New Delhi provides Certificate Course , Foundation Course , Diploma , Degree , Post Graduate Courses, P.G. Diploma Courses in different faculty / fields related to the needs of employment and building the economy of the country on the basis of its natural and human resources. It also provides access to higher education for large segment of the population residing in rural as well as urban area groups , housewives and others who wish to upgrade or acquire knowledge in different fields.

Open the doors of employment-oriented learning to thousand of young persons and adults distant places, The Institution is equipped with a team of experienced experts to design , plan and implement courses with the highest academic quality and employability. The reasonable fees along with the flexible rules and procedures will certainly be helpful to learners of all socio-economics backgrounds.

Provide innovative and flexible means for university-level education through the formal mode and later , informal distance ,combination of courses , eligibility for enrollment , age of entry , conduct of examinations and operation of the programs with a view to promoting learning and encouraging excellence in different fields. Provide a solid foundation of scientific principles , skills and practical training. Inculcate a strong understanding of the complex interdisciplinary subjects and infuse extensive development of written and communicative skills. Provide counseling and guidance to its students. Promote national integration and the integrated development of the human personality through its policies and programs

Govt. Courses UGC / NCTE / AICTE / CBSE / DEC / ITI / MCI / PCI / Nursing / ACI and other State Board recognised courses

Certificate Courses / Diploma Courses / Degree Courses / Master Degree Courses / Academic & Professional Courses are also conducted / done according to eligibility criteria terms & conditions from different Govt. recognised Universities / Govt. Boards / Govt. recognised Institutions

The medium of instruction imparted by the Institution is English / Hindi and in other regional Language.